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Approvals & Standards

  • All fuse blocks meet the requirements of UL 4248
  • UL Listed guide IZLT, File E52283
  • CSA Certified class 6225, File 32169

Key features & benefits

Mersen Class G fuse blocks accommodate all 15, 20, 30 and 60 ampere Class G fuses. A choice of box, screw or pressure-plate connectors fit a wide range of stranded or solid copper wire. Insulators are glassfilled polycarbonate (GFPC) with verified dielectric strength in excess of 2500V. Fuse blocks feature a unique adder block which can be snapped onto 1-, 2-, or 3-pole blocks to form multi-pole segmented blocks of as many poles as desired. All fuse clips are made of high conductivity tin-plated copper alloy.

More specifications

Product Specifications

Item Number


Item Description (ERP)

67481-FB,CLASS G,20A-600V  


Fuse Bases 600V 20A Class G 1-pole Tin-Plate CU Pressure Plate with Reinf Clip  

EAN/UPC code


Rated voltage AC UL

600   V

Rated voltage DC UL

600   V


50/60   Hz

Rated current

20   A

ROHS Compliant


Fuse class

Class G  

Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)


Fuse Type/Class

Class G  

Number of Poles


Wiring range

Cu #10-14  

Fuse Installation Method


Body/Insulating Material


Torque Rating

2.26   N m

Max Fuse Rated Current

20   A

Installation Mounting

Screw Mount or DIN Rail  

Product Weight

0.068   kg

Product Width

21.6   mm

Product Length

77.5   mm

Product Height

36.8   mm

Sell Pack Quantity

10   Each

Sell Pack Weight

0.7167   kg

Sell Pack Width

79.2   mm

Sell Pack Length

177.8   mm

Sell Pack Height

77.7   mm