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Approvals & Standards

  • ANSI C37-41

Key features & benefits

Mersen capacitor fuses are designed to ANSI C37-41. They are currentlimiting operating without noise or discharge and are designed to be used indoors in a general purpose enclosure or outdoors in a weatherproof enclosure. These are non-disconnecting fuses requiring the use of a disconnect switch. These capacitor fuses provide both short circuit and overload protection and are intended to protect against capacitor case rupture or dielectric failure within the capacitor.
The various mounting configurations offer manufacturers a wide range of cost/space saving solutions and a large choice of equivalent products

More specifications


  • Capacitor Protection
  • Power Factor Correction Equipment
  • Harmonic Filtering Equipment
  • Induction Heating System
  • High Power Drive
  • Welders

Product Specifications

Número de item


Descrição do item (ERP)

4.3KV 20 AMPS TYPE 70 MV CA  


Medium Voltage Fuse 4300V 20A Capacitor Type Type 70 Striker A430C Series  

Código EAN / UPC


Tensão nominal AC UL

4300   V

Ampere Rating

20   A

Conformidade ROHS



Direct Mount  

AC Max I.R./Breaking Capacity: I1

65   kA

Sistema de Indicação


Tipo de sistema de indicação

Visual Indicator  

Connection/Terminal Material

Tin-Plated Brass  

Conexão / Tipo de Terminal

Female To Female Tube  

Corpo / Material Isolante


Peso do Produto

1.134   kg

Diâmetro do produto

50.8   mm

Comprimento do produto

254   mm

Quantidade do pacote de venda

1   Each

Vender o peso do pacote

1.1929   kg

Vender a largura do pacote

66.5   mm

Vender Comprimento do Pacote

66.5   mm

Vender a altura do pacote

274.6   mm