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Approvals & Standards

  • UL recognized component UL file E60314
  • AC: UL guide no. JFHR2 (35-800A)

Key features & benefits

A60X Amp-Trap® Form 101 high speed fuses are popular for the protection of higher voltage heavy rectifiers such as traction rectifiers. They can carry long sustained overloads common with heavy duty apparatus. 700A through 2000A sizes are of compact, hockey-puck design, able to provide high power protection in a small space.

More specifications


  • Protection of heavy traction and electrochemical as well as rectifiers and other heavy-duty equipment

Product Specifications

Número de item


Descrição do item (ERP)

94511-FUSE,FORM 101  


Semiconductor Fuse Amp-Trap® 600V 100A aR High Speed A60X Type 4K  

Código EAN / UPC


Tensão nominal AC UL

600   V

Ampere Rating

100   A

Velocidade / característica

High Speed  



AC Max I.R./Breaking Capacity: I1

200   kA

Connection/Terminal Material

Tin-Plated Brass  

Conexão / Tipo de Terminal


Corpo / Material Isolante


Peso do Produto

0.1361   kg

Diâmetro do produto

25.4   mm

Comprimento do produto

127   mm

Quantidade do pacote de venda

5   Each

Vender o peso do pacote

0.7167   kg

Vender a largura do pacote

146   mm

Vender Comprimento do Pacote

203.2   mm

Vender a altura do pacote

38.1   mm