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Approvals & Standards

  • IEC/EN 60 947-3
  • For D01- and D02-fuse links and D0-push-in gauge piece in accordance with IEC/EN 60 269-3, VDE 0636-3

Key features & benefits

MULTIFIX® 60 is a system for energy distribution comprising a variety of modular combinable components. The energy distribution is carried out via copper bus bars in a 60 mm bus bar system up to 630 A, 400 V AC, 500 V AC, 690 V AC, 45–62 Hz. Short circuit withstand tested to VDE 0660 part 500 and IEC 60439-1.
MULTIFIX® 60 is suitable for triple pole, quadruple pole and quintuple pole applications.
The components of the MULTIFIX® 60 system are mounted directly without drilling. This method offers high flexibility for extension and alteration of existing installations -> reduced installation time.
MULTIFIX® 60 D02-vertical fuse switch disconnector, triple pole switching is designed for direct installation on to 60 mm bus bar systems, for bus bars width 20–30 mm and thickness 5–10 mm. The standard design is for bus bars with a thickness of 5 mm. For installation of bus bars with thickness 10 mm the appropriate distance pieces have to be broken away. Re-installation on to bus bars with thickness 5 mm is possible by using level adjustment HA 5 catalogue no. 1.001.039.
The component is installed easiliy by snapping directly on to the bus bar and interlocking automatically.

More specifications


  • Panel board builders
  • Control system engineering
  • Industrial plants
  • Heating & air conditioning systems

Product Specifications

Classificação de corrente de curto-circuito (SCCR)

50 kA@Ue = AC 400 V; Ie = 63 A  

Grau de Proteção (IP)


Conformidade CE


Conformidade com o REACH


References in this series  (1)

V1026600 - 1.001.040



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